Haitian watchdog group sheds light on reconstruction problems

This morning I ran across an investigative journalism partnership between Haitian organizations and publications that focuses on aid and reconstruction efforts in Haiti. They’ve been doing some fascinating and thought-provoking work.

I ran across Haiti Grassroots Watch’s most recent article, called “Shelters That Don’t Shelter the Needy,” in The Haitian Times, a New York newspaper published for the Haitian-American community. The article claims that almost half of the emergency shelters a British organization built are uninhabited six months after they were built. Numerous families have received two houses from multiple NGOs and some are renting out their second home, the investigation found.

Possible root causes of the article’s shocking revelations are explored in depth by the watchdog group. I highly recommend reading this article in full and looking at their photos. Keep in mind that this reporting comes from Haitians, the people who understand their country best, who know the area and who have spent enough time there to be able to really dig deep with their reporting.

Haiti Grassroots Watch’s alternates which news organizations it uses to publish its investigations. It also funds work done by some newspapers. Looking back over their website, I’ve run into a couple of their stories before on the websites of The Haitian Times and Le Nouvelliste. Whenever I’ve seen their work, I’ve never seen a different news organization cover the same topic, meaning they’re looking at topics that aren’t prevalently covered.

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